'Star Wars Rebels'
A poster of the character Sabine from the TV series "Star Wars Rebels." Facebook/ Star Wars Rebels

A new behind-the-scenes video about the first two episodes of “Star Wars Rebels” season 4 has been released online. Sabine Wren (voiced by Tiya Sircar) was the main focus of the episodes, and the team behind the show shared insights about the character and more. The following article contains spoilers from the episodes that have aired.

Over the years, Sabine has evolved into a more mature leader who is capable of leading her people as well as accepting responsibility for her actions. The first two episodes of season 4 shed more light on the character and where she came from. In the video released online (see below), Sircar said that being in Mandalore with her own people reignited the warrior in her.

The episode also showed how Sabine’s father was the one who influenced her artistic side. Animation supervisor Keith Kellogg said that show creator Dave Filoni and the story team came up with the idea that Sabine’s mother is hard on her. On the other hand, her father was the more nurturing type.

Sabine was able to redeem herself after creating a weapon used by the Empire against her own people. With the weapon destroyed, she handed over the Darksaber, and with it the leadership position of Mandalore to Bo Katan.

Bo Katan is a fan favourite from the “Clone Wars” animation series. Lucasfilm Story Group member Pablo Hidalgo said that they have to think hard about introducing a new character, about whether they are doing it only because they want to or if the story actually demands it. In Bo Katan’s case, the choice was clear as they had to hand over the leadership position to a known face rather than someone no one has seen before.

Credit: Star Wars/ YouTube