'Star Wars Rebels
A pocter from "Star Wars Rebels" season 3 episode 14. Facebook/ Star Wars Rebels

“Star Wars Rebels” season 3 is on another hiatus, so episode 15 will not be airing on Jan. 28. In a new video released online, the creators of the show talked about why it was important to set up the Darksaber and Mandalore storyline with one full episode dedicated to Sabine.

[Spoiler alert]

Episode 14 titled “Trials of the Darksaber” focused heavily on Sabine (Voice by Tiya Sircar) learning to wield the weapon in order to unite and lead the Mandalorians. She was very hesitant, though, because taking on this responsibility means that she has to face her family again.

Sabine left her family and her home world because she could sense that the Empire is a bad choice. In the end she will be proved right, but at the moment her family and friends consider her to be a traitor. The past is too painful for the young woman to face, but she is will to do this in episode 15 of “Star Wars Rebels.”

The previous episode gave the back story of the Darksaber, and its significance in Mandalore. But, the weapon is not just something anyone can use. Just like other lightsabers, the person wielding it should connect with it.

It was not easy for Sabine to open up and connect with the Darksaber. Kanan (Voice by Freddie Prinze Jr.) tried his best to teach the young rebel, but later he had to let go and allow her to grow. In the end, both the master and the student learnt something.

A full episode was necessary to tell this story, Executive Producer Dave Filoni explained. They wanted to do this part right, and didn’t want a side plot to distract the viewers from the emotional journey of Sabine.

Sabine will now travel to Mandalore in “Star Wars Rebels” season 3 episode 15, and try to unify the Mandalorians. She will first have to convince her family and clan, and may even have to fight a few duels before people accept her. The episode will air on Feb 18.

Credit: YouTube/ Star Wars