Star Wars: The Old Republic
BioWare Unveils Star Wars: The Old Republic - Knights of the Fallen Empire, Anarchy in Paradise, coming February 11, 2016. BioWare

The development team at BioWare and publisher Electronic Arts are planning to launch the new “Anarchy in Paradise” episode for the “Knights of the Fallen Empire” storyline in “Star Wars: The Old Republic” on Feb. 11. The upcoming update will introduce players to a new ally Firebrand who is seeking to destroy the Eternal Empire by attacking Zokuul.

Announced over at the official “Star Wars: The Old Republic,” Outlanders will decide how far they can go to destroy the Eternal Emperor. Players will be penalised according to how they deal with the consequences during the gameplay.

This latest addition, “Anarchy in Paradise” will be followed by a chapter called “Disavowed.” The whole saga is expected to run through the next six expansions, with Chapter 16 set to be the concluding chapter of the saga.

In addition to the “Anarchy in Paradise” chapter in the expansion, BioWare also announced a new subscriber rewards program that offers a series of unique monthly in-game reward items to user. IGN reported that anyone with an active subscription by Jan. 11 will get HK-55 as a permanent companion. Players who will be an active subscriber between Jan. 11 to Aug. 1 will get an invitation to play a bonus chapter as HK-55. Monthly subscribers are likely to get many other rewards and early access to future updates. Still, players are not required to drop money to get “Star Wars: The Old Republic” as it is currently free-to-play.

Only the players who’ll complete the first nine chapters and have secured position over 60 levels will be eligible for the HK-55 companion. The Knights of the Fallen Empire is designed for players with higher-level scores looking to improve their play-time and abilities in “”Star Wars: The Old Republic” MMO.

Knights of the Fallen Empire – Anarchy in Paradise Teaser “Firebrand” (Credit: YouTube/swtheoldrepublic)