Android Mascots At The Google I/O Developers Conference
Android mascots are lined up in the demonstration area at the Google I/O Developers Conference in the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, May 10, 2011. Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

For Star Wars fans looking for a way to enjoy their Android device, the wait is now over as Knights of the Old Republic becomes available. According to Android Authority, interested users can download the game from Google Play Store. The game starts at $5.

The arrival of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a surprise since it came out of nowhere. Android Authority further noted that developer Aspur has been porting on the 2003 era console as well as the PC RPG game. Users should make sure their devices have enough storage as the game takes up around 2.4GB. Likewise, people may have to check for compatibility issues as the game is available as selected number of Android devices specifically those running with Android 4.1 or newer.

Bioware is credited as the original creator of the game. The story takes place in a universe that precedes the settings featured in the films. Users are given a customizable character playing their way to become a Jedi while fighting the evil Sith for the well-known intergalactic adventure of the Star Wars franchise.

Engadget added that the Android version is similar to its iOS counterpart complete with controller compatibility. The site suggested that considering the complexities of the game, it may be best to try the Android Star Wars on a device with a larger screen. Users are also warned that trying out Knights of the Old Republic on the Galaxy Note 4 may still feel slightly cramped. For possibly a better gaming experience, NVIDIA Shield gizmo can be a good an alternative.

Users can have full control of the game via the touch screen controls. However, they can always switch back to the console controller. Other things people should look out include varying graphical fragments and finer textures for the clouds and shadows.