Star Wars: Battlefront
"Star Wars Battlefront" players can enjoy the rewards of the Community Mission. Electronic Arts

“Star Wars: Battlefront” was released in November 2015 to a rather rocky start that immediately required an update. Fans expected more content for both online and offline gameplay but the game initially brought online maps that turned many “Star Wars” fans down.

But now, game developer EA has announced a major DLC pack for “Star Wars: Battlefront.” The DLC will reportedly bring several new maps and many other features.

A conversation between an EA Customer Support officer and a user on the official “Star Wars: Battlefront” forum has confirmed that the speculations were real. EA is working on the next update for “Battlefront” and bringing some online modes to single players.

“The developers are working on it and they have progressed quite a bit. They would hopefully be added because they are still working on it. They have not yet provided us a time frame for the update,” replied the Customer Support officer after being asked about the offline mode expansion for “Battlefront.”

Players will be getting the DLC for “Star Wars: Battlefront” in different expansion packs. These packs will be made available with a season pass two weeks prior to the release. The details of DLC are not complete as no official statement has been released regarding the DLC content. A report by Wccf Tech did reveal a little information about the content, which suggests that 16 new maps may be added to the game with the release of this new DLC.

Additionally, the next update will add four new game modes to “Star Wars: Battlefront.” Many “Star Wars” fans often react about the price of season passes. According to the EA website, a total of four expansion packs will be released for “Star Wars: Battlefront.” One of these has been planned for an early 2016 release.

Players who book their “Star Wars Battlefront” season pass will get an exclusive “Shoot First” emote. The season pass is available at the price of US$49.99 (approx. AU$70) for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Best of Star Wars Battlefront | PlayStation Experience (Credit: YouTube/EAStarWars)