Tyler Welsk (L) offers advice on lightsaber technique at the "Big Apple Comic Con"
Tyler Welsk (L) offers advice on lightsaber technique at the "Big Apple Comic Con" which offers comic enthusiasts the latest information on Hollywood, comics, toys, gaming and collectibles, in New York October 18, 2009. REUTERS/Natalie Behring Reuters/Natalie Behring

There has been some debate among fans about the new lightsabre that featured in the first official trailer of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." One of the fans has taken to the popular social media website, YouTube, to address some of the controversies surrounding the new design.

One major concern that some of the fans have regarding the newly designed lightsabre is that the beams in the cross guard could potentially burn the weilder during a fight. A YouTube channel ThegnThrand features a few videos that show some of the fans a sword with a similar design. The fans attempt to show that the design may not be as dangerous as other people think it is.

One of the videos shows that the fans have closely examined the image of Kylo Ren holding the new lightsaber and noted that there was some kind of an aura around the bean. The fans in the video concluded that the aura was some kind of a magnetic field that stabilised the bean.

The fans, however, note that the cross guard lightsaber design would have been much better if the beams at the hilt were angled. According to the fans, the fear that the weilder of the new lightsaber could get unintentionally hurt in a duel is unfounded, based on the fighting technique used for similar weapons.

The biggest problem that the fans wanted to address about the new design in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is the part where the main beam and the smaller beams at the hilt meet. The trailer showed that there was a metal casing at the edge of the hilt that fans were concerned would be sliced through during a duel.

The fans in the video did some research and came up with a few metals from within the "Star Wars" universe that could be used to build the hilt. These metals, according to the fans, have the ability to resist a lightsaber. Some of these metals, which includes Mandalorian iron, can be used to build star ships as well as hills for the lightsabre.

The fans noted that the wielder of the new cross guard lightsaber would be better off if he wore arm bracers in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." The fans speculate that Kylo Ren is a Sith in the movie, based on the red lightsaber. The producers have so far not confirmed that the Sith will be making a comeback in the movie. Readers should note that not all red lightsaber wielding individuals are Sith.

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