John Boyega
Actor John Boyega arrives at the European Premiere of Star Wars, The Force Awakens in Leicester Square, London, December 16, 2015. Reuters/Paul Hackett

John Boyega has revealed that he is taking his Han Solo figure to the “Star Wars: Episode VIII” set to get it signed by his fellow cast members. The avid fan of the franchise had also taken his action figures to the set while filming the previous movie.

“Time to bring out my Han Solo figure for everyone on set to sign. Sigh** can't help it,” the actor wrote in his post. Boyega will be reprising his role as Finn, who is one of the main characters of the franchise as the story continues.

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Filming of the movie began in September last year, Entertainment Weekly reported. The cast and crew returned to Skellig Michael in Ireland, where Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) had filmed his scene for the J.J. Abrams movie. It was initially thought that the production crew was returning to the island to film reshoots of the previous movie, but it was later confirmed that filming had begun for the forthcoming movie.

The island is a UNESCO Heritage Site and has a centuries old monastery at 600 feet above sea level. A team comprising of an ecologist, members from National Parks and Wildlife Service and the National Monuments Service will be present during the filming of “Star Wars: Episode VIII” to make sure that the site is protected.

Meanwhile, rumours about the forthcoming movie have started to surface online. According to a report by Star Wars News Net, Ewan McGregor is expected to reprise his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the forthcoming move. The actor is expected to return as a Force Ghost in the movie, similar to what was seen in the original trilogy.

“Star Wars: Episode VIII” is being directed by Rian Johnson. The movie is slated to be released on Dec. 15, 2017 in Australia and the US.