Han Solo’s (Harrison Ford) dice, the one found in the Millennium Falcon, may return in “Star Wars: Episode 9.” During a discussion with members of the Lucasfilm story group, one of the guests teased how the idea of using the dice came about. The following article contains spoilers from movies that have been released.

In a new video released online (see below), the story group members revealed that “The Last Jedi” originally had a shot of Han Solo hanging the dice on the Millennium Falcon. Rian Johnson based an important aspect of his film on this shot.

The scene, however, was edited out during post-production. Johnson ended up referencing the dice from the original trilogy rather than “The Force Awakens.”

There is a sentimental value attached to the dice; that means that it may be back in the next film. Story group member Matt Martin purposely teased this possibility by saying “wink, wink” in the video. Rayne Roberts explained the significance of the dice by pointing out that it helps everyone grieve for the loss of Han Solo.

The integrated way in which the story is told means there are small nuggets in the games, comics and novels that are woven into the main saga. The game “Battlefront 2,” for example, featured a compass that Luke may have used to find the Jedi temple on Ahch-To. The game also shows how the Resistance got the plans for the Dreadnought ship of the First Order.

Filming is set to begin for “Star Wars: Episode 9.” The film is slated to be released on Dec. 20, 2019 in the US.

Credit: Star Wars/ YouTube