Star Wars Stormtroopers
Models of First Order's Stormtrooper Battle Buddy from the film "Star Wars - The Force Awakens" are displayed in a shop in Shanghai, China, January 19, 2016. Reuters/Stringer

The troops of the Empire last seen in the original trilogy will be back in “Star Wars: Episode 8,” but in a new avatar. A new report about the movie reveals details about the costume of the soldiers in the new film, and details about the weapon used by one particular Stormtrooper.

[Spoiler alert]

The First Order introduced in “The Force Awakens” is the modern version of the Empire, which uses the similar weapons, ship designs and Stormtrooper uniforms of the past. A gap of 30 years led to some upgrade in all the above mentioned aspects of the new force of evil in the galaxy.

Now, although there isn’t a time gap between “The Force Awakens” and the next movie, there won’t be too much of a difference in the costumes of the soldiers, but according to a report by Making Star Wars, there will be minor alterations.

The red Imperial Guards and Imperial Gunners of the Empire will be back in a new avatar in “Star Wars: Episode 8.” Just as the new Stormtrooper costume, the other soldiers of the First Order will also have an upgrade in their costume.

The Imperial Guards of the First Order will apparently have a strange visor, under-armour, cuffed sleeves and armour under the robes. The Stormtroopers will also get an upgrade. The helmet of the First Order soldiers will have a similar helmet as the one seen in “The Force Awakens.” The only difference is that the mouthpiece has been changed to look like the one in the original trilogy.

One Stormtrooper in “Star Wars: Episode 8,” who could be the highlight of the film like FN-2199 (fan name TR-8R or “Traitor”) was the highlight in “The Force Awakens.” The new soldier will have a similar handle weapon and is referred to as The Executioner. He has a black line that runs on the side of his helmet and covers half his mask. His handle weapon has three spinning blades that span out and each blade has a spherical device at the end with spokes.