Colin Trevorrow
Director Colin Trevorrow attends the premiere of "The Book of Henry" in Culver City, California, U.S. June 14, 2017. Reuters/Phil McCarten

A scene was reportedly added to “Star Wars: Episode 8” because of a request made by Colin Trevorrow, the writer/director of “Episode 9,” the finale of the new trilogy. The addition in the upcoming film may help set the plot for the finale.

In an interview with MTV, Trevorrow was asked if he requested Rian Johnson, director of “Episode 7,” to make changes to the latter’s film. The question is relevant because Johnson had asked JJ Abrams to include R2-D2 in the scene in which Rey (Daisy Ridley) travels to Ahch-To.

The change was accepted at that time, so it will help Johnson implement the idea he had for his film. Trevorrow also apparently had such an idea for his, so he requested Johnson for a particular scene. It is not an alteration of any kind, though.

Trevorrow did not reveal details on the scene he requested as it may spoil the plot of his film. He did not even tease the location or characters involved in the additional scene.

The plot of the new trilogy hasn’t been completely mapped out, giving the writer/director of each movie to chart his own course. All the creative people involved in all three films are in constant touch, so everyone knows what’s happening. Trevorrow stressed that it is a collaborative project, and everyone involved wants the whole team to succeed.

Trevorrow also said that there is a misconception that a giant corporate entity is dictating terms to the filmmakers with a profit-making objective, like selling toys and other merchandise of the franchise. The director assured fans that the people in charge of the projects are all creative ones who have been given enough flexibility to do their work.