‘Star Wars 7’: Leaked Script Reveals Luke Skywalker A Cyborg, Kira An Evil Hero

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Another piece of information to the ever-increasing rumour about Luke Skywalker's fate in "Star Wars: Episode VII" has managed to reach the grapevine. This time, the Jedi Master has reportedly turned into an evil cyborg, to whom Daisy Ridley's rumoured character, Kira, has sided with after she finds him in his refuge.

As previously mentioned by the International Business Times, "Star Wars: Episode VII" may see Luke Skywalker as "the last of his kind," as Jedis are believed to be non-existent. Likewise, the Jedi Master will eventually turn to the dark side of The Force. While this plot detail has so far only been considered as a speculation, MakingStarWars claims it could be a possibility. Scriptwriter, Lawrence Kasdan, may eventually go for an evil portrayal of the character, which was once suggested by George Lucas for "Return of the Jedi."  Lucas reportedly claimed "the ultimate twist" would be for Luke Skywalker to take over as Darth Vader, "kill the fleet and rule the universe."

As to how evil the beloved rebel fighter has become, the site likens him to a "monster."  In one of Daisy Ridley's supposed scenes in the movie, Kira comes face to face with Luke Skywalker in his cave like "throne room" inside a castle. Although this time, the Jedi Master has reportedly turned into a cyborg. The scene below tells of their encounter as described by MakingStarWars.

In their quest to find the missing Jedi, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega's rumoured Stormtrooper character ventures to Luke's refuge on a mountainous snow planet. They enter a shrine where a cloaked figure sits alone on a throne. This figure is believed to be Luke Skywalker in his cyborg form, staring down at the "ZorroHat" (Darth Vader's burned helmet) he holds on his hand with a look of "reverence even love" for the villain.

Seeing the figure, Kira reportedly starts to flee with her blue laser sword behind her. However, she is held aback when the cloaked figure attempts to remove her weapon away using the iconic "Darth Vader" force hand gesture.  The next scene reveals the figure locking her in an embrace. Her look of defeat and resignation supposedly follows after she recognises the cyborg as no other than Luke Skywalker. According to writer Jason Ward, Kira is left defeated as she realises "the evil she sought to vanquish with the power of Luke Skywalker, is Luke Skywalker." That's when she reportedly sides with the dark side of The Force to join the Jedi Master.

However, as with the other spoilers for "Star Wars: Episode VII," this could again be one of those rumoured speculations. J.J. Abrams and crew have so far remained tight-lipped when it comes to production details.