Star Trek: Discovery tv series
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After reading the script of one of the episodes of “Star Trek Discovery” season 2, actor-turned-director Jonathan Frakes has said that it was “on fire,” further teasing his excitement. Frakes will return to the show to direct yet another episode.

The actor was one of the panel members at the Lexington Comics and Toy Convention. During the discussion, he talked about the popular series, Comic Book reports. “I just read the first script of the second season and the outline for the second script and it’s on fire now,” he said.

Those who have watched the show's first season will remember the episode titled “Despite Yourself,” which introduced the Mirror Universe. Frakes was the one who directed that episode, and now, he is heading back to Toronto to film yet another. It isn't clear yet if his commitment is restricted to directing only one episode.

There is good chance for Frakes to make a cameo next season. After all, he's a veteran of the “Star Trek” universe, having played the role of Commander Riker in the “The Next Generation.” He also directed episodes of “Deep Space Nine” and “Voyager.”

“The ‘Star Trek’ that we have has really found its voice, and ‘Discovery’ has really found its voice," Frakes said. He also praised “The Orville,” another sci-fi show.

“Star Trek Discovery” season 2 will begin filming this month. More details about the plot and the setting may be revealed in the coming weeks.