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Robert Duncan McNeill was keen on directing an episode for “Star Trek Discovery” season 2, but didn’t get that chance, he revealed in a recent interview. The actor turned director explained that the priority for the franchise at the moment is diversity, both in front and behind the camera, and right now they are apparently looking for more female directors.

Gender equality and diversity has been a big topic of discussion in Hollywood. The “Star Trek” franchise has been doing its bit to make sure that they encourage equal opportunity. In an interview with official Star Trek website, McNeil explained that in the past the job of a director was mostly seen as one for a white male. Things have changed to a large extent over the years with some shows having only female directors, McNeill pointed out.

McNeil was a cast member of “Star Trek: Voyager” TV series. He has since then transitioned into a producer and director. He will be directing an episode for the next season of “The Orville” series. He is also keen on directing an episode of “Discovery” and met with the producing director of the show, he said.

While McNeil is keen on directing one episode for “Discovery” he will have to wait for a while. He explained that the priority for the show at the moment is to get “female and diverse directors.” He also pointed out that the show only does a limited number of episodes each season, which means that there are fewer opportunities for people like McNeil.

Even though McNeil’s chances of directing an episode have been greatly diminished, he still supports the policy. As a producer he is proud to say that he has brought in female directors. In the future if there is an opportunity to direct an episode for “Star Trek Discovery,” if McNeil is suited for what they need, and if it fits his schedule; the director is ready to work for the show.