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When Square Enix previously touched on the progress for the pre-beta stage of “Final Fantasy XV,” it was quick to add that there are still a lot that need to be done. In the latest update, there are a few more details, this time stating that two platforms are already able to run the game.

The current build with the developer runs on the PC, and according to DualShockers, this build is able to run on the PS4. There are still a couple improvements and additions expected before the developer will be able to mark the “Final Fantasy XV” pre-beta build as near completion.

According to the source, there are still a few adjustments being made to the 2.0 demo for Episode Duscae. One addition that was totally skipped out on in the first demo is the dodge roll. This was due to memory constraints experienced in developing the game. Satoshi Kitade, programmer for “Final Fantasy XV,” stated that they are constantly deciding on how to incorporate additions while making smart decisions about tradeoffs that need to happen.

Taking off from the teaser sketch of Ignis as he joins Noctis, Gladiolus and a reindeer Chocobo in the “Final Fantasy XV” art, there are a few new progressions and additions to the festive art. Ignis has been coloured in to show plates, a cake and his new outfit, which is still in the black-gray scale.

The Regalia, the boys’ black car and mode of transportation through the “Final Fantasy XV” world, has also been drawn, this time featuring Christmas bells to transform the car into a more festive mood. Additionally, two baby Chocobos, both wearing red Santa hats are seen flying around the bigger Chocobo in the photo.

Prompto fans need not despair. Despite the fact that Chocobos and the Regalia ride appeared in the festive art scene before the fourth member of Noctis’s companions, fans may expect to see him in the festive art soon.

Apart from the new additions, there are two images shown off during two consecutive days featuring the blond fighter. The drawings feature Prompto examining his outfit in a full-length mirror and looking a little too dissatisfied with it. In the next image, he is seen almost jumping with joy, this time carrying what appears to be his outfit but still hidden by a hanger cover. A Santa festive hat appears to have fallen inside, which could mean that this may be his costume once he is drawn in the “Final Fantasy XV” festive art.

Some fans are speculating that Prompto can be added in the photo somewhere inside or beside the Regalia. Only the front of the Regalia can be seen in the festive art so far, and it’s a great way to add Prompto into the photo. The progression of the “Final Fantasy XV” festive art can be seen in the official Instagram for the game.

"Final Fantasy XV" demo walkthrough (Credit: YouTube/IZUNY)

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