Bungie has already released the newest update for “Destiny,” which brought a couple of things and new features to the game. Right after the update’s release, the developer has rolled out a hotfix, set to improve a few new entries into the game.

In the most recent Bungie Hotfix update, the developer detailed the changes made with the new fix. A couple of issues for items in “Destiny” have been fixed, including failure to decrypt for Exotic Leg Engrams and the SRL Record Book requirement for the Sparrow Racing League. For this fix, Bungie has already stated that players can currently only get the Record Book gear once. An upcoming fix will allow players to acquire it once more in case they mistakenly delete it.

Another issue that will be fully fixed in a future update involves the Reputation for “The Climb” FWC Ship. The Ship Collection kiosk is now temporarily disabled, set to be fixed later on. However, the issue for incorrect Reputation provided has been dealt with.

However, Bungie is far from through when it comes to pushing updates for “Destiny.” In a tweet via the official Bungie Help Twitter account, the developer has assured fans that it will be dealing with the current exploit in “Destiny.” The game has recently received the update that allowed for players to participate in the Sparrow Racing League.

With the event comes a new bug that allowed “Destiny” players to collect a lot of loot via the Record Book for free. According to Polygon, the exploit had angered a lot of fans, as the Record Book used to cost US$10 prior to other fans finding the exploit.

“We’re investigating a bug with the SRL Record Book, with the intention of fixing it. Please stand by,” said Bungie over the Bungie Help Twitter account.

It appears that the Sparrow Racing League is the holiday event for “Destiny.” And if the developer’s plans for a more events-centred game will be fulfilled, it may just be the first of many as Bungie ushers in a new way to update “Destiny.” In an interview with Eurogamer, Bungie’s Derek Carroll revealed that events like the Sparrow racing may replace previous two major DLC expansions.

“With Taken King we are moving to a more event-based model—things like Festival of the Lost and Sparrow racing, which is our winter event,” said Carroll to Eurogamer.

Carroll added that apart from major events, which have previously been seasonal, there will also be smaller events. Some are more frequent, such as the Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris. This way of updating a game familiar to players of games with multiplayer events in console and even mobile. Mini events keep players engaged while waiting for the next event update, something that players can become more involved with in terms of effort and time in participating.

The great news about the new movement is that “Destiny” players need not bring in real world money into the equation. According to Carroll, most of the premium purchasable items in the events are cosmetic in nature.

"Destiny" Sparrow Racing League (Credit: YouTube/Polygon)

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