The coming weekend is a must-play for PS4 fans. With the holiday season now in full swing, Sony has already released a new free-play weekend for a multiplayer experience and a Holiday Sale that kicks off a Christmas season full of games.

Starting Dec. 11, PS4 players can enjoy an entire weekend of multiplayer gaming all for free. This is a great experience, especially for those who are not subscribed to the PlayStation Plus, but would want to see if it’s worth it for the multiplayer experience, PlayStation Lifestyle reported.

The event will last until Dec.13, 11:59 p.m.PT. All the players need to do is log on to the PlayStation Network and get started on the multiplayer part of a game. Players will already have access to the multiplayer so they can try going against friends online.

Currently, the PlayStation Plus PS4 free multiplayer weekend has been announced in the U.S. According to the source, there is no word yet on whether the service will be available in other territories.

Beside the free multiplayer weekend, PS4 players, as well as PS3 and PS Vita owners can check out the Holiday Sale over at the PlayStation Store. The first week of the Holiday Sale will last until Dec. 14, and with this first batch brings a couple of noteworthy titles, as detailed over the PlayStation Blog.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will have even bigger discounts for the Holiday Sale, so it’s a great deal to grab. Regular players can get up to 75 percent off in discounts, while PS Plus members can easily get up to 80 percent off in sale.

A few of the discounted games for the PS4 include “Assassin’s Creed Chronicles China,” “Evolve,” “Grand Theft Auto V,” “Journey,” “God of War III Remastered,” “Resogun,” “Tales From The Borderlands” season pass, “Thomas Was Alone” for a three-way cross-buy and “Grow Home.” There are discounted prices that come as low as US$3.50 (approx. AU$4.80) for non-PS Plus members, and as low as US$1.75 (approx. AU$2.40) for PS Plus subscribers.

PlayStation Holiday Sale 2015 (Credit: YouTube/The Kstorm Network)

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