“Fallout 4” players who have using mods via Nexus Mods may want to double check on their passwords. It appears that there may be a hacking incident circulating, a lot of which have involved “Fallout 4” mod creators.

Some of the creators have already noted some questionable activities in uploaded files. One clue to the possible hack is that some of the “Fallout 4” have been changed, RockPaperShotgun reported.

While there is no definitive clue to knowing whether the breach is full-scale, the source stated that the breach may be limited to users who have been registered until mid-2013. Nexus has also hinted that those who have registered after July 22, 2013 or have changed the password after that may be safe from the data breach.

Still, users are advised to change passwords whatever the case may be, to avoid being caught up in the hacking activity. So far, “Fallout 4” mod creators of Rename Dogmeat, BetterBuild and Higher SettlementBudget have all hinted that the mods have seen changes that were not authorised by the creators.

In related “Fallout 4” news, the latest patch for “Fallout 4” is finally out for all three platforms, the PS4, Xbox One and PC. However, it appears that the patch may not have come without the cost of other aspects of the game.

Gearnuke reported that following the update, there have been downgrades for visuals to better optimise the game. One instance wherein this was displayed is in the Corvega Assembly Plant.

All platforms, even the PC, has removed some of the shadows. The tradeoff here, however, is that the Corvega Assembly Plant has finally seen significant improvement, especially since it has been one of the worst locations in “Fallout 4.” This being the case, the bad performance seemed to be isolated to the PS4 and Xbox One, but the visual downgrade was seen across the three platforms.

Bethesda has not given word yet on whether it will be delivering a new patch that will address this issue. Though considering that it may be the cost of improving performance, perhaps only the PC version will patch the issue. The developer did note way back that “Fallout 4” was more concerned with performance and player interaction rather than graphics.

Still, for those who want to know what the patch will bring, Polygon has the full list of changes. Some notable additions for the PC version include the use of number pad keys when remapping and the compatibility of the Remaping Activate with Quick Container.

Generally, the PS4, Xbox One and PC patch for “Fallout 4” will bring stability and memory improvements. Some bugs, like the Stuck in Terminal bug previously seen and locked equipped weapons after Reunions will be fixed. Other fixes involving quest completion, continuous health regeneration and reloading save games have also been fixed.

"Fallout 4" patch for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)

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