Photo of new Insurgents for Squad: Alpha 9.

An update of the “Squad: Alpha 9” has recently become available and shown off through a trailer. The game is available on Steam Early access.

Players who are interested in the upcoming game can now access it through Steam Early Access. In the beginning of March, the developers of the “Squad” talked about fixing the last few bugs and adding a few more tweaks of improvements before its release. Now that it has been released, the game offers new vehicles including tank-like vehicles called Insurgent Vehicles.

New motorbike for better gameplay

A motorbike is also included in the new list of vehicles. The Minsk 400 Motorbike seats up to two people. This new vehicle will help a team’s scouts, spotters as well as ambushers to get to places more quickly. It will also help facilitate the Insurgents to come from every direction through the use of Rally Points in the game. This will help eliminate hill campers from picking off teammates from the same direction.

New loots available in the game

An MTLB armed with PKT turret is also available for looting in the game. It can be looted from an old Soviet-era military base and used for service. However, this vehicle will not damage highly armoured vehicles. Although this vehicle is equipped with a turret gunner, it can be used to transport items. Furthermore, the armour of the vehicle is thin, so it may only protect team members inside the vehicle from shrapnel and other small firearms.

Another vehicle is the BRDM-2. It can also be looted from the opponents but it is mainly used as a scout car as it also does not offer too much protection from heavy damage. This vehicle can seat up to three people, which includes a driver, a co-driver and a gunner. The co-driver will be able to use a 360-degree periscope to help look for targets and also navigate. It is equipped with a 14.5mm KPVT heavy machine gun. Developer Offworld Industries says that this vehicle might get an upgrade in the future to make it better suited for attacks.


According to PCgamesN, “Squad: Alpha 9” can be bought in Steam Early Access for US$39.99 (AU$52). By buying this game on Steam, players will be able to access all of the new changes that were put into the game. In addition to this, players will also be able to play the game without a hitch.