A poster of the film "Spawn" Spawn/ Facebook

The preproduction work for the highly anticipated upcoming film “Spawn” appears to have begun. The reboot will require a lot of work involving computer graphics, and they are reportedly considering doing this work in Toronto, Canada.

According to a report by OmegaUnderground, the producers of the film are looking at Toronto as one of the possible filming locations. The report notes that there may not be any outdoor shoots in Canada, and the producers may film some of the stage or indoor studio scenes in Toronto.

The director of the film Todd McFarlane is also a Canadian, which should come in handy in terms of the familiarity with the city and equipment that the producers can expect. Toronto also offers to be an attractive location to film horror flicks such as this, and get it done on a relatively small budget.

This is the first big break for McFarlane as a director. He was previously the executive producer of both the 1997 “Spawn” movie and the TV series. Over the years he has worked as a producer for multiple projects, but he has mostly worked as a writer in Hollywood.

“Spawn” tells the story of a mercenary who is betrayed by his employer. While in Hell he makes a deal with the Devil and comes back to Earth with superpowers to do the Devil’s bidding. It remains to be seen how the upcoming film will treat this origin story. The producers are yet to reveal the plot of the film.

Most of the story of Al Simons (Jamie Foxx) takes place in the back alleys of New York City, both when he is a mercenary and later when he becomes a superhero. Apart from Toronto, the filming of the movie is expected to take place mostly in New York City. The only other confirmed cast member of the film is Jeremy Renner (Twitch Williams).