Spate of violent home invasion causes shortage of baseball bats in Melbourne

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Baseball Bats
Baseball bats, crowbars and hammers are some of the pieces of evidence stored in the basement of the Brussels palace of justice, July 7, 2011. Reuters/Yves Herman

Melbourne police say that having a “live now, die young” attitude is making youths in the city to commit violent and dangerous acts. As a result of the rise in violent home invasions in Melbourne, baseball bats shortage hits sports stores.

Police share that young people in Melbourne use the message function of video games, such as Assassin’s Creed, to arrange a meet with strangers and then go on a crime spree. Once caught, they even “wear their jail sentence as a badge of honour,” reports Herald Sun.

Given the scenario in the city, residents are arming themselves with a weapon that needs no licence and can be purchased for as low as $65 in sports stores – the baseball bat. 3aw reports that sports stores in Melbourne are running out of baseball bats as scared residents see the bat as the easiest way to arm themselves.

One store has run out of baseball bats, while others report a high demand for similar items available at sports stores such as spear guns and golf clubs, and even items women use such as hair spray. However, police have cautioned the residents not to take the law in their hands.

Several groups have also banded and started neighbourhood patrols in the Brimbank area. In response, the Brimbank police reminded the groups through a posting on its Facebook page, “In regards to the comments about community patrols, we cannot stress enough the risks that go with it,” quotes

They add that patrolling the streets placed the members at risk of being the target of criminals. The patrols could also jeopardise police investigations.

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