Sophie Schmidt: 5 Things to Know About the Google Chairman’s Daughter

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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt's daughter, Sophie, instantly became an internet sensation following her controversial blog about a recent North Korea trip. Sophie Schmidt discussed in the blog what she encountered in the "very, very strange" country for three days in early January while accompanying her father who has a purpose for the visit.  

A lot of web site inquiries began in search of information about the controversial blogger. Unfortunately, little details are disclosed which makes this girl very mysterious and hard to find. One certain thing most people now know about Sophie Schmidt is that she is the girl who bravely posted online her blog about her unforgettable North Korean trip.

"Our trip was a mixture of highly-staged encounters, tightly-orchestrated viewings and what seemed like genuine human moments. We had zero interactions with non-state-approved North Koreans and were never far from our two minders," Schmidt wrote on her blog entitled "It might not get weirder than this."

Sophie Schmidt even compared the regime's stage management and constant surveillance to the "The Truman Show" movie. "Did our handlers honestly think we bought it? Did they even care? Photo op and tour completed, maybe they dismantled the whole set and went home," Schmidt further wrote down.

Meanwhile, the million-dollar question still lingers: Who is Sophie Schmidt? Here are 5 things to know about the Google Chairman's daughter.

1.       Sophie Schmidt is a 19-year-old college student.

2.       She lives in Atherton, California with her parents, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt and mother Wendy.

3.       Sophie has a sister named Allison.

4.       Sophie loves to travel and take pictures.  Her "It might not get weirder than this" blog shows a lot of images taken from her North Korean trip. She has been photographed admiring the displays on the National Museum in Baghdad on November 24, 2009.

5.       Sophie Schmidt should not be mistaken with the Canadian footballer who plays as a midfielder for Sky Blue FC in the National Women's Soccer League for they have the same name.

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