The next generation console news has been flooding the Internet recently. Rumour has it - the next generation PS4 and Xbox One are almost within our reach. And with the news reaching a fever pitch, here is a much needed comparison of the two hottest consoles in the market today.


When it comes to design, there is not much difference between the two as both consoles come in black box designs. The Sony PS4 is a little bit slanty while the Microsoft Xbox One is like a videotape recorder.

Hardware and Graphics

In terms of raw power, the Sony PS4 has undoubtedly the upper hand but the two consoles have almost similar hardware. In both consoles, there are custom AMD chips and 8GB RAM. However, the Microsoft Xbox One is DDR3 while the Sony PS4 is DDR5 which is a more superior chip.

The big difference with the two consoles comes from the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The Sony PS4 is said to have 50 percent more powerful GPU than the Microsoft Xbox One. Sharper images and smooth running games are expected more from the PS4.

Even though the Xbox One is said to be the less powerful console, the actual difference would be quite minimal.

Peripherals and Controllers

Both camps have made no significant changes to their controllers, as such; choosing one is really a matter of taste. The new controller from Sony PS4's, which is the DualShock 4 comes with rubbery thumbsticks and concave triggers while the Microsoft Xbox One's controller is added with a feature that mimics heartbeats and gun recoil through vibration.

The PS4 is a bit ahead with its lightbar that is located on the back of the controller that identifies players. However, that feature is totally outmatched by the powers of the Xbox One as it can identify, automatically log-in and detect pulses of players as they walk into the room.

Price and Release Date

The Microsoft Xbox One will be made available on Nov. 22 and the Sony PS4 will arrive at a little later on Nov 29. The Xbox One will cost £429 or approximately AU$740 while the Sony PS4 will cost £349 or approximately AU$602. Both packages will include a single controller.