Have you recently purchased a brand new iPhone 4s, iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s? It is now out of the box and you've peeled the wrapping off already. But what's the next step?

If you just purchased your new iPhone and you are moving from an older generation of iPhone, your next step would be to restore the data from your iCloud back-up so as not to download things all over again. Here is a guide on how to set-up your new iPhone from an iCloud back-up. The steps will guide you to bring all your stuff from your old iPhone.

Basically, after you turn on your new Apple smartphone and follow the setup process and you reached the "Set-up your device," the next step is to tap the "Restore from a Backup" then sign in to your iCloud account. Be sure that you'll choose that you want to restore to your iPhone. Also, in the process you will be asked to enter required passwords.

After following the steps aforementioned, you will see a progress bar that shows the remaining time as iCloud restores your files. The process will restore all the accounts and settings from your iCloud backup of choice.

Then your iPhone will automatically restart and start to download all the purchased apps from your previous backup. Again, you can see a progress bar under the applications that are currently downloading. In the event that you need a particular app first, you can actually prioritize that app for download by tapping its icon and move it ahead in queue. Moreover, if you want to check of your backup is already restored or not, simply go to the Settings, then choose iCloud, then go to Storage and Backup.

At this point, you are all done. Your iPhone will restore all the files from your iCloud backup. Just bear in mind that the time it takes to finish depends on the data that you have. Be patient in the process and if you need go where there is no WiFi, there's no problem as the iCloud can pick up right where it stopped the next time that you get connected to WiFi.

If you are still running into issues after following the guide above, you can go to iMore forums where you can find answers for your iPhone and iOS queries.