As Apple Company said, "more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera." If that premise is true, then it is also safe to say that more photos are deleted accidentally with the iPhone than any other camera.

If you have an iPhone, there is a big chance that you use that smartphone as your primary camera. Pictures add up and it will occupy a huge chunk of memory space on your iPhone. Ultimately, you'll need to store these photos in another device like your external drive, online storage locker or computer. But what if you accidentally delete these photos or you forget to back-up your files? Here's how you can recover deleted iPhone photos:

The first thing you should do with your phone, or any electronic device, is set up a backup routine. There are so many free services and ways to store and backup all your information that there really isn't a good excuse not to.

Recovering Deleted Photos


PhotoRec is open-source data recovery software that is especially made to restore lost photos, videos and files. Although this software has already been tested and works wonders on iPod touch, in order for it to work on the iPhone, it must be jailbroken. Basically, this software needs access to the iPhone subsystem and some locked files.

iPhone Backup Extractor

Basically, you can recover deleted or lost files using the iPhone Backup Extractor. The iPhone Backup Extractor can recover files by exploiting the built-in backup system of iTunes. Every time you sync your iPhone to your iTunes, it stores a backup of all your data and what iPhone Backup Extractor does is that it extracts the files such as contacts, call histories, pictures, app files, games and text messages.


The Easeus is quite similar to the iPhone Backup Extractor because it recovers lost files from the iTunes backups.

After downloading and launching the Easeus, it scans your computer for previous iPhone backups. After the search, you are prompted to choose where you want to recover your files. The time of recovering files depends on the backup size.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery for iPhone is a user-friendly data recovery programme that offers a free trial with limited functionality. The paid version costs $69.95 with a money back guarantee in a 30-day period.