Sony extends PS Plus and PS Now memberships due to PSN problems

By @ultimate_nico on
The PlayStation Network (PSN) is back in good condition. Official PlayStation Website

Due to some unexpected issues, the PlayStation Network (PSN) was down for several hours. Because of this, PlayStation owners weren’t able to play any multiplayer games or purchase any games on the PlayStation Store. Now that the PSN is up and running again, the people in Sony have told fans that there will be an extension for PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions.

This news was confirmed on the official PlayStation Twitter account. The post thanked fans for being patient during the PSN outage and told fans to stay tuned for extended subscriptions for PS Plus and PS Now, along with video rentals.



As of this writing, it’s not yet known how long these subscriptions will be. The PSN was only down for 10 hours which might be long, but is nowhere near as disastrous as previous PSN outages.

GameSpot brought up the Christmas debacle that happened back in 2014 when hackers took down the PSN for unknown reasons. This lasted for nearly a week and Sony compensated fans for this by extending their various subscriptions for five days, which was definitely appropriate considering the time gamers lost.

Even worse was the infamous 2011 PSN outage, which lasted for 23 days. During the outage, Sony stated that the personal information for 77 million accounts might have been exposed, resulting in plenty of backlash towards the company. 

Once the network was working again, Sony offered fans three games for free and a whole month’s worth of PS Plus. This was easily the worst PSN related breach that has ever happened to Sony and its customers which is probably why people in the company take these network outages very seriously.

It will be interesting to see how long Sony extends these subscriptions since the Network was only down for less than a day. While the network being down wasn’t good, it could have been much worse.

An announcement from Sony regarding this incident should be coming soon, so PlayStation owners have something to look forward to. In the meantime, those that can currently access the network store or multiplayer games should enjoy the fact that its working again.

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