'Sons of Anarchy’s' Katey Sagal: The Truth About Gemma Teller

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Dubbed as Lady Macbeth in today's popular TV series "Sons of Anarchy," Katey Sagal plays the infamous biker queen Gemma Teller Morrow. The 60-year-old actress has proven time and time again that she can take on any roles that would help her define as an actress, and playing gang matriarch of northern California's motorcycle club had made her a household name.

Playing Gemma Teller has taken her talent one step further as she continues to keep her fans craving for more. She won Golden Globe's Best Actress for drama for her portrayal as Gemma Teller and now that the show is coming to an end Sagal is going to up step her game as Gemma face the consequences of her actions from Season 6.

Most SOA fans were shocked during the Season 6 finale, where Gemma ended up killing Jax's wife Tara. When asked how she felt during the scene Sagal confessed about being nervous and was in denial and was hoping that her husband will change his mind about the scene.

"It was really hard... I was nervous abut it the whole time. I think I was just in denial and that [Kurt would] actually change his mind," says Sagal. "The biggest struggle for me was to remain truly with Gemma."

"But in the moment for Gemma, all [she] knew was that [Tara] had ratted. She had betrayed my son, she had betrayed my club, she was taking my grandchildren away - all the things that were Gemma's center. In that moment, there's a blind rage that goes on. It's not premeditated act - she didn't even know she was going to see her," added Sagal.

Written by Kurt Sutter, Sagal's husband, "Sons of Anarchy" premiered on Sept. 3, 2008 on FX and after five seasons the show is wrapping up on its Season 7. FX's highest rated series ever, SOA surpassed the network's other hits including "The Shield," "Rescue" and "Nip/Tuck."

Here's an excerpt of Katey Sagal's interview about her once in a life time role as Gemma Teller posted in About.com and collider.com.

Will Gemma ever do a scene on a bike?

"I don't know. I personally don't ride a bike, I don't know how -- they would have to teach me. I've been on the back of a bike. That would be a question for my husband."

The "Team Gemma" response online always seems to be overwhelming. Do you think that might shift now?

"I haven't paid a lot of attention... I know that's there; I'm not worried about it. [Laughs] I have had a few moments where I knew everyone would hate Gemma now... But, ultimately, in that moment she's not really thinking anything except her base instinct, which is that she's a violent woman and that is the way she's lived her life for many many years. And I think she has enormous remorse when she realizes the truth of the matter."

How do you see the relationships between Gemma and both Tig and Unser?

"Well, I think they're a very close knit group.  They are their own family members.  I wouldn't be surprised if there's a sexual tension amongst all of them, really, because they are a very bonded group, and not by blood.  I definitely think Tig has eyed Gemma, as she has him.  In that culture, there is that unspoken thing."

Thinking of all the tough decisions that Gemma had to make through the course of the show, what action was the hardest for you to wrap your head around and justify?

"Well, at the time, sending Clay to prison last season was a tough choice because she knew that that it was a set-up.  That was tough for her.  There have just been so many.  She comes out of a situation and has to think on her feet, right at the moment.  At the time, she never thinks there's that tough of a decision.  It's really what she has to do, if that makes sense.  I don't know if that makes sense.  In other words, it's high stakes, all the time."

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