Kurt Sutter And Charlie Hunnam
Creator and Executive Producer Kurt Sutter (L) jokes with cast member Charlie Hunnam at a panel for the television series "Sons of Anarchy" during the FX portion of the Television Critics Association Summer press tour in Beverly Hills, California August 2, 2013. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni Reuters

Known as the John Teller's manuscript, the "Life and Death of Sam Crow" is the reason why Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) wanted to honour his father's dream for SAMCRO and not a club doing a gun running operation. Now that the show made its final ride, with Jax meeting his own fate just like his old man, what happens to the manuscript and when is Kurt Sutter going to release it?

The "Sons of Anarchy" series creator talked about releasing JT's document the day after the final episode of the show airs, but its seems the Sutter's original plan was scrapped dueto various reasons. During a live chat with SOA fans, "The Bastard Executioner" showrunner revealed that he will still release the manuscript after he finishes the SOA prequel.

"My plan was always to release the 'Life and Death of Sam Crow' at the end of the series and document that and what that book was and what those letters were, but here's ultimately what happened -- as we started thinking more and more about this prequel on the First 9 at this point I'm thinking more of a one off like a miniseries, like maybe 10 episodes or two 8 episodes seasons. I felt like to put out that manuscript with his history before that aired was going to handcuff me too much," Sutter said according to nerdcoremovement.com.

With SOA prequel taking a back seat due to Sutter's new project, the medieval drama "The Bastard Executioner," "The Life and Death of Sam Crow's" release is not going to be anytime soon. The show's prequel will have to wait for a year or two after the "Sons of Anarchy" series finale.

Based on the new developments of the show, Sutter is now planning to have a miniseries instead of a prequel. The highly anticipated show tells the story of the club's inception before it became an outlaw motorcycle club to be featured in 10 or 16 episodes.

Meanwhile, the "Life and Death of Sam Crow" was written after the death of John Teller's youngest son, Thomas Teller. The book appeared on the first season of the show when Jax found it in storage, but Gemma (Katey Sagal) took the original manuscript and burn it to keep Jax from knowing the truth behind his father's death.