Smart Cannabis Corp. sells 648 multi-spectrum light fixtures to California client

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Northern California-based company Smart Cannabis Corp. announced new orders for its Multi-Spectrum Grow Light Fixtures, further proving the product’s success. Creative Commons

Smart Cannabis Corp., a holding company, recently announced the sale of its new-to-the-market Multi-Spectrum Grow Lights. Bought by a client from Salinas, California, the announced order bought 648 of the company’s Multi-Spectrum Grow Lights, which will be used to accommodate the new greenhouses constructed by Next Generation Farming.

Smart Cannabis Corp. (OTCMKTS:SCNA) also announced that another client recently bought 126 fixtures of the company’s Multi-Spectrum Grow Lights, increasing its original order from 36 grow lights. According to the news release published by SCNA, the increased order is in line with the client’s growing scope of its current Yolo Country installation.

Initially introduced back in May this year, SCNA’s Multi Spectrum Grow Light is originally developed by Next Generation Farming, which also operates as SCNA’s wholly owned subsidiary. Innovative and advanced, these grow lights are designed to increase crop yields for its clients and to improve the cost and energy efficiency needed to do so.

Although highly innovative, the idea behind growth light is quite simple: Extend the hours of natural daylight and/or sunlight and increase the health, growth and yield rate of the plants that use it. It’s useful enough that artificial light (this includes plasma lighting, LED lighting, and high-pressure sodium lighting) can help extend the cultivation of crops way beyond the season, increasing efficiency and productivity while also lowering the costs needed.

SCNA’s Next Generation Farming then further developed this idea, giving the grow lights two operational modes: One to optimise overall growth, and one to shorten the time cycle needed to complete a growth cycle, even adding a fan feature to improve plant respiration.

According to the company’s latest status report, SCNA and Next Generation Farming have managed to sell over 800 units of its innovative grow light fixtures. The same report also reveals that in line with the company’s full spectrum cannabis cultivation expertise, a new subsidiary called Sap Investments has been launched.

Furthermore, the report also states that besides its highly successful grow light fixtures, 2018 also saw SCNA release a new product called the Geothermal Air Recirculation System, as well as develop two new greenhouse models.

New products and releases aside, the company’s current installations are continuing to grow as well, with its contracts exceeding US$2,400,000 (AU$3,365,000) in revenue. Over 123,340 sq. ft. of greenhouse space are also being developed and installed in permitted sites in Northern California. 

A different approach to the industry

But that is not all that SCNA and its subsidiary has done for the industry. A Northern California-based public equity corporation, SCNA is primarily focused with the advancement of cannabis agriculture and its subsequent industry, which it does through acquisitions, proprietary intellectual property and strategic alliances.

Headed by its CEO John Taylor, the company currently uses the same innovative smart technology used by manufacturers to produce better organic yields while also decreasing water consumption up to 70 percent to capitalise on the burgeoning cannabis market. Through this, the company is able to take root in the cannabis industry in a much more unorthodox manner, choosing instead to utilise the latest technology and apply it to cannabis growth and cultivation.

Whereas most marijuana companies will go the usual shareholder stocks route, SCNA instead chooses to develop and provide the necessary tools and technology to further advance how the plant is grown and produced. The company mainly does this through its wholly owned subsidiary Next Generation Farming.

greenhouse-768740_1920 NextGen provides tailor-made, pre-drilled and easy-to-construct greenhouses.  Creative Commons

Next Generation Farming is focused on putting science and technology to work together and deliver a step change in yields. As SCNA’s subsidiary, NextGen is responsible for creating the technology that its parent company uses for its products. Born out of a self-funded company, the company now provides turnkey, automated, commercial greenhouse systems that are used to improve the efficiency and production of organic food and cannabis crops while also decreasing water usage. Now, the company is a self-sustaining business that has seen steady growth during the more recent months.

Working with SCNA, NextGen is now focused on providing all the capital requirements an interested individual or company might need to get on with the greenhouse trend, supplying sustainable tools and solutions that are tailor-made to fit the needs of customers.

With Canada fully legalising marijuana and 30 US states legalising either medical or recreational marijuana, more and more companies are looking for new and better ways to capitalise on the industry. In any case, SCNA and NextGen’s services offer a different approach to the entire trend, providing clients with the resources needed to jumpstart their cultivating foray into the cannabis world.

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