Save the Planet
Henry Marr with mother Allie Hall. Facebook/Allie Hall

Henry Marr, from Mount Vernon, Washington, is extremely upset as he believes people are wrecking the planet. The kid broke down after he saw a video of animals eating plastic trash. He was caught on camera having an emotional conversation with his mother, Allie Hall, after school.

In the video, Marr is seen heartbroken as he explains to his mum how “the planet is gonna be wrecked.” He believes that people are being terribly rude to the planet as they keep throwing trash on the ground, cut down trees and turn forests into settlements and roads. He urges people to think what they are doing to the planet and the animals.

According to BuzzFeed News, Marr became upset after watching the video at school. Mum Hall said that her son previously dressed as a park ranger for Halloween. Marr loves nature and is incredibly interested with the environment and how to save it from mindless people ruining it.

“They are being so bad. I could just call them dumb people, or maybe even a bad word, the 's' word (stupid). I wish I was an adult right now. I just want to do my job right now,” Marr says in the video.

Marr has plans to design posters to urge people to stop littering. Hall shared the video of her emotional son that has since received 15,571,559 and counting. The kid has developed a strong fan following since after the video went viral.

Although Marr does not know what he will do when he grows up, he did say that he wants to be someone who takes care of the planet. The little kid has already started a movement in his home towards a more sustainable living. He is writing messages on pots and pans and other things inside the house and not using paper as that is against the environment. He also regularly warns his family on water usage.

Watch the Emotional Environmentalist here.