The Sims
A recent update to "The Sims 4" brings along a new Day Of The Dead challenge. Facebook/The Sims

Electronic Arts has just released a new update for “The Sims 4,” just in time for the Day Of The Dead. Not only does the update add a new holiday-themed challenge, but it also provides players with new items and interactions.

According to the official The Sims website, Jasmine Holiday will again be part of the game beginning Oct. 4 until Nov. 4. Speaking to her will get a player’s Sim started on the Day Of The Dead challenge. Jasmine Holiday will give the Sim a Sugar Skull Display Case, which players will need to fill in to complete the challenge.

After receiving the display case, players will need to head out into their neighbourhoods and interact with other Sims. A new “Ask for Sugar Skull” button will be available during interaction. Each sugar skull given to the player will be placed in the display case. Once all available ones are taken from the NPCs, a final sugar skull will be unlocked to complete the collection.

Furthermore, receiving the final sugar skull will also unlock a new interaction called Honor The Dead. While this gives the player’s Sim a great looking and themed look, a new moodlet is also unearthed.

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With the new moodlet, players will get the chance to interact with the Grim Reaper, which strengthens their relationship status with the character. As a result, players will have a better chance at success when pleading for another Sim’s life.

The sugar skulls will not be available for collection once the challenge is completed. However, the Honor The Dead interaction will be.

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The new update to “The Sims 4” also offers new themed Create-A-Sim items and themed objects. These include new furniture, decorations and accessories. Also available are Day Of The Dead candles, tables, sculptures and wall hangings. Furthermore, various other fun interactions are also provided.