The Sims 4
The tragic clown will make a comeback in "The Sims 4." Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts has previously teased a new update coming to “The Sims 4.” Just a week ago, there have been no known title for the pack as of yet. However, new developments suggest that it may be called “The Sims 4 Dine Out.”

Sims Community Info had spotted a screenshot via Smyths Toys, which revealed “The Sims 4” bundle pack. The image has since then been removed, however the description of the product shows that it will bring more ways to play “The Sims 4.” As such, the bundle will include one game pack and two stuff packs.

Specifically, it appears that these inclusions will be “The Sims 4” Movie Hangout Stuff and Romantic Garden Stuff, which have been previously released. But the more interesting tidbit is the included game pack, titled “The Sims 4 Dine Out.”

Fans who remember the previous teasers from Electronic Arts, the next game pack is expected to feature some restaurant-themed features. The teaser video, seen below, shows some of the features, including fine dining atmosphere, a waiter and even the return of the tragic clown.

So far, the developer has not yet revealed the title of the pack, but if this new finding is to be believed, then it will be a “Dine Out experience. The product description over the official Smyths Toys website stated that in “Dine Out,” the player can own a restaurant and take Sims out to eat.

“Create and manage a variety of restaurants, hire staff and set the perfect menu to earn a profit and expand your business. Dine out Sims to enjoy all-new experimental cuisine and spend quality time with friends and family,” said the developer over the official Smyths Toys website.

“The Sims 4” Bundle Pack 5 has a May 26 release date. No official announcements have been made, but if the listing is official, then the screenshot captured by Sims Community Info shows off the cover art for the Dine Out pack.

"The Sims 4" content teaser (Credit: YouTube/SimsVIP)