The Division
Ubisoft will punish players who exploit glitches in "The Division." Ubisoft

The new rewards for “The Division” this week has already been refreshed. This time, a new threat has been found for Operation ISAC Update, and it will affect the week’s missions.

In a blog update from Ubisoft, the developer stated that The Last Man Battalion has taken possession of the XT47, which is a computer powerful enough to get through the ISAC defense. It can also lead the LMB straight to Simon Keyes, Division tech.

As detailed in the video below, players need to accomplish a couple of new assignments, starting with killing 50 Last Ma Battalion in the Dark Zone. Other missions involve collecting 30 Weapon Parts, killing 40 NPCs with skills and completing 10 Main Missions on Hard mode.

The Operation ISACC missions are free challenges updated every week for all platforms. These are usually for players who are already on a high level in the game.

Fans may want to start reaping the weekly rewards before the expected maintenance occurs. Set for 12:00 a.m. PST on May 12, this is the scheduled regular maintenance happening every Thursday. GameSpot reported that the maintenance will last for three hours and it will involve the servers for “The Division.”

Even with the new challenges, it appears that “The Division” is declining in terms of its player base, at least on Steam. Forbes reported that there is a very noticeable drop of almost 90 percent in the player count compared to its heyday during launch.

This means that, compared to the 113,877 number of players, there are only 11,186 as of recent peak concurrent player count. While Steam and PC is not the only platform on which the game can be played, the decline does not give a pretty picture.

Granted, “The Division” has experienced its fair share of troubles. It has seen a lot of bugs and exploits, which made the Dark Zone a mess that no one wanted anything to do with. It gave power-ups that many took advantage of, though the developer has promised remedy for.

Technically, update 1.2 is coming in, alongside the expected implementation of stricter bans to cheaters. However, just recently, there has been another bug spotted for “The Division.” Hopefully, Ubisoft will be quick to respond and remedy the said bug, and others that may come with the new update.