Fans and critics have been singing praises for “Uncharted 4” since its launch. More than the fitting end to Nathan Drake’s adventures, however, Naughty Dog has also given a few nods to the many fans who have stuck with the series from start to finish.

When talking about Easter eggs in “Uncharted 4,” fans would agree that it has to be the Easter egg on “Crash Bandicoot,” known as one of Naughty Dog’s most popular games in the 90s on the original PlayStation. The video below, spotted by Forbes, shows the scene where Nathan Drake is seen playing an emulated version of “Crash Bandicoot.

The integration of the scene is seamless and comedic, especially since it gives the couple a chance to do some fun banter on the side. Not to mention that it gives Elena a chance to kick Nathan’s butt in a simple “Crash Bandicoot” level.

This is a lovely nod to players who have been fans of the developer long before it went into the territory of dark and dreary likes of “The Last of Us.” Speaking of which, Naughty Dog’s other highly-acclaimed title also has Easter egg hints in “Uncharted 4.”

The first one is a nod to the planned sequel “The Last of Us: American Daughters.” Even though Naughty Dog has not specified anything about the sequel, Gamepur reported that some gamers have spotted posters pertaining to this. Seen in the link above, one could see a girl standing in the poster wearing what appears to be a gas mask. The title is covered by Polaroid pictures, but it seems like this is a tease of what Naughty Dog has next in the pipeline.

Whether or not this is actually the game planned next remains to be seen. But considering how E3 2016 is just around the corner, it is possible that Naughty Dog is hyping up fans with some breadcrumbs though reveals may not be feasible at this point.

Another “The Last of Us” teaser from “Uncharted 4” Easter egg comes in the form of the treasure. According to Gamerant, the treasure is the Strange Pendant, which can be accessed in Chapter 9 following some puzzle solving and a little sleuthing with the grappling hook.

Players will recognise the mark on the Strange Pendant as the crest of the Fireflies in “The Last of Us.” There is also a bonus of the “Druckley” name on the back of the pendant, which is said to be a shout-out to “The Last of Us” directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley.

There are two more trophies that some fans may be amused to come across, VG 247 reported. The first one is the Ludonarrative Dissonance, which could be achieved by killing 1,000 enemies. This is in reference to the criticism of how the hero is supposedly a good guy, but one who has to kill to win.

Another trophy, and a more amusing one at that, is the Stage Fright trophy, which can be achieved by standing still for 30 seconds at the start of the city chase scene. This refers to the time when the “Uncharted 4” demo saw Nathan standing still due to some oddities in the demo.

"Uncharted 4" Easter egg for "Crash Bandicoot" (Credit: YouTube/Arekkz Gaming)