A Woolworths Ltd sign hangs above the entrance of a store in Sydney, Australia June 18, 2015. Reuters/David Gray

Australian retail store Woolworths' cooking video about steamed hams has caught the attention of American viewers, particular of "The Simpsons" writer Bill Oakley.

Oakley, who popularised the term "steamed hams," learned about the video when "That Comedy Podcast" host Harrison Engstrom tagged him in a Twitter post.

On the comment section of the same Twitter message, Oakley commented that there was no recipe for steamed hams. He also thanked Engstrom for the information he provided.

When Oakley saw the video on Facebook, he shared it on his Twitter account and tagged Woolworths, asking for his royalties.

The Facebook video by M&C Saatchi teaches viewers on how to steam a good ham. Sydney comedian Michael Hing and fellow comic Will Erimya host the show. Hing, who wears an onion on his belt, stuffs the ham's leg into the food steamer. Erimya and Hing also creates a burger with steamed ham, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and cheese.

The term "Steamed hams" was used in a "Simpsons" episode where Principal Skinner said the hamburgers were called ‘steamed hams’ in upstate New York.

Watch the video here: