The Simpsons Tapped Out
"The Simpsons Tapped Out" Wild West update brings Prospectors, gold hunting and more to Springfield. Electronic Arts

The final act of the Wild West update has finally come to “The Simpsons Tapped Out.” This is the chance for players to complete the picture of the old west in their Springfield towns with new buildings, skins for characters and more.

The biggest change from Act 2 is the addition of another crafting material by way of gold coins. This will still come out after tapping on bandits, Prospectors and the Big Bandit, doing jobs at the Town Plaza and tapping on the bandit hideouts.

Lisa will also have a job to Start a Craze at the Town Plaza, where she will be giving ominous warnings to the townspeople. As usual, the same characters will have jobs at the Town Plaza to earn the four currencies of the event. This means that players will need to be more strategic about who they will send for four-hour tasks to earn specific crafting materials. Players should note that the Gold Coins turn out from tapping bandits at only 2 Coins per tap, which is half the last item, Guns.

The main currency now is TNT, an apt and explosive ending to the Wild West update. These will be necessary to collect all of the prizes. For those who may have missed the Act 2 prize, Corral and Princess can be obtained with Donuts.

The Act 3 prizes are more impressive this time around. “The Simpsons Tapped Out” players can get the following via gameplay alone: Frontier Water Tower, 100 Gold Coins, Mortician Carriage and Frontier Cemetery, 200 Guns, Blacksmith and Part and Parcel, 100 Gold Coins, Longshot Skinner, 400 Hats, Car’s Dad Cavern in that order.

The General Store is still open for business, where players can submit crafting materials in exchange for TNT.

Finally, the in-game store has introduced some new items. However, these are all premium ones, including the Prairie Maggie skin (65 Donuts), Sneed’s Feed & Seed (90 Donuts) and Ho Springs (45 Donuts). There are also some items that could have been won from the General Store, including the Hitched Horse (25 Donuts), Horse Trough (10 Donuts) and Wooden Barrel (10 Donuts).

While that last part may seem inviting, Act 3 of General Store will yield a Hitched Horse on Day 4, a Horse Trough on Day 8 and 11 and several wooden barrels on Day 3 and 10. It’s best to save Donuts for other premium items, especially with the Bonus Donuts round absent from this event.

This wraps up “The Simpsons Tapped Out” Wild West Event. There are still 12 days until the end of the event, so players better start tapping to get all of the prizes for their very own Wild West part of Springfield.