Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
"Final Fantasy Brave Exvius" mobile title coming to Australia and New Zealand. Square Enix

Mobile gamers can also expect a piece of the “Final Fantasy” action, with the newly announced “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.”

Square Enix has announced the free mobile title, set to launch across Australia and New Zealand come the winter season. In a press release, the company has confirmed that both iOS and Android devices will access the game.

“Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” has already been released previously in Japan and enjoyed a good following of five million players. The story will follow the two knights from the kingdom of Grandshelt and a young girl. The group begins their quest to achieve a crystal.

The game will feature twists and turns and different kinds of dungeons where players can collect items and uncover new routes. “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” feature turn-based gameplay with intuitive touch controls that mobile gamers will enjoy.

The characters will be a mix of new and classic ones from past titles including Warrior of Light, Cecil, Vivi and Terra. A trailer of the game can be seen below.

Interested fans can already pre-register for the game via the official website in this link. Doing so will bring some special in-game items once the title launches. “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” will be available in six langauges, including English, French, Chinese, Korean, German and Spanish.

Players who would prefer to sample the game at an event can do so at E3 2016. According to CNet, it can be played via Square Enix’s booth.

“Final Fantasy Brave Exvius” is not the only title coming this year. The long-awaited “Final Fantasy XV” is very much on top of “Final Fantasy” fans, which is not surprising. Recently, Gamerant reported that “Final Fantasy XV: will feature over 200 side quests. And that’s not even the end, as the developer is far from finished with adding more.

This proves that “Final Fantasy XV” will offer a rather wide variety of gameplay. Some that have been teased include fishing and Chocobo racing. This variety is on top of the changes being made to the battle systems as well as Summon behaviour.

"Final Fantasy Brave Exvius" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Square Enix)