Pokemon GO
"Pokemon GO" will conduct field tests in the U.S. The Pokemon Company

“Pokemon GO” beta field testing has finally landed in the United States. Developer Niantic Labs and The Pokemon Company have announced that those who are interested can finally sign up.

“Because the game involves numerous people playing in multiple countries at the same time, we have a lot to test before we publicly launch,” said Niantic Labs via its official blog.

Signups are already available on Niantic Labs’ site. Interested players will need to make sure that their device has an Android software 4.3 version or higher or an iOS 8 or higher OS. There is also a privacy policy that states that participants cannot share the test with others. Of course, that has not stopped previous beta testers from leaking footage of “Pokemon GO.”

Over the official Pokemon website, the developer also confirmed that being part of the field test will allow the player to share early feedback. This means having a hand in the improvement of “Pokemon GO.” Still, since a lot of people are clamoring for the game, the signups do not mean a guaranteed slot in the beta.

As with previous processes, the developer will send an email to those who will participate in the beta. The email will contain the instructions as to what follows next. In previous beta announcements such as in Australia and New Zealand, Niantic Labs has hinted that it will plan to increase the number of invites over time to include more participants.

This is a great development for “Pokemon” fans. Though it is hardly the only “Pokemon” title to receive an update. Just recently, a leaked new trailer for “Pokemon Sun and Moon” had hinted at changes in some of the battle scenes. Additionally, one of the potential new Pokemon may have been sighted in the same trailer.

The Pokemon Company has yet to release the trailer outside Japan, where it was first seen in a TV show.

"Pokemon GO" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Pokemon Go)