"Pokemon" 20th anniversary continues with more distributions and Darkrai feature. The Pokemon Company

Australia is currently enjoying beta testing “Pokemon Go,” the next major Pokemon title slated to come out. A new tester has been spotted with a video footage of the mobile title

According to GameSpot, the clip features 10 minutes of footage, part of which shows off gameplay as well as character creation, seen in the video below. This is already the second time the video has been uploaded, so it’s best to check it out before it gets taken down.

The footage has a disclaimer that says that the video is meant for those who are already part of the “Pokemon GO” beta program. While the video has already reached almost 700,000 views in just a span of a week, there are just as many disappointed fans who have seen the footage.

“Well, the only positive thing I can think of is that this game is a mobile game and because of this, they can continue to change the game and add updates to it even when the game is [released]. But I have to agree, this game isn’t as exciting as Nintendo made it out to be at the moment,” said one YouTube user, Stephen Ajewole.

“Pokemon GO” had been the promising title that will emulate the way Pokemon is supposed to be played, only put into real-life settings.

While the “Pokemon GO” remains to be one of the more anticipated titles. “Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire” is still going strong with new distribution schedules and the new feature Pokemon for May.

Over at the official Pokemon website, The Pokemon Company has revealed that Darkrai will be distributed via GameStop from May 1 to 24. The distribution will involve a code card to be entered into the game. The Mythical Pokemon will have powerful moves and Ability.

Darkrai will also be celebrated with a limited edition two-inch Darkrai figures and an eight-inch crushed-velvet plush, also available via GameStop. For those who are playing the TCG, Darkrai will get its own special collection, which has a Darkrai pin and foil Darkrai promo card.

Players can also get three Legendary Pokemon for their games, as announced by The Pokemon Company. Accessing the Pokemon Bank before October 31 will allow players to get the Regirock, Regice and Registeel together with their Hidden Abilities. Trainers who check the May Pokemon Trainer newsletter or are able to go to a participating retailer in Europe for a code can get Articuno, Moltes and Zapdos with Hidden Abilities.

"Pokemon GO" footage from AU beta (Credit: YouTube/Darkathion)