Quantum Break
"Quantum Break" tops sales on the Xbox One in the U.K. Remedy Entertainment

“Quantum Break” developer Remedy is looking at a new update to come to the Windows 10 version of the game. The free update is expected to deliver even smoother framerates in specific measures.

According to a report from Windows Central, there will now be an added support for Nvidia’s G-Sycn and AMD’s FreeSync. Players who already have monitors that can support this new feature will benefit from the update the most.

This is the third update for “Quantum Break,” and it’s already confirmed by Remedy’s Thomas Puha though an actual release date has not been provided. As far as the changes go, “Quantum Break” players will now notice smoother images with less screen tearing. This is possible due to better syncing of frames, thanks to better synergy between graphics card and enabled monitors.

While “Quantum Break” has been a little quiet since its release, Microsoft has a mini surprise for fans of the game. WinBeta reported that a limited number of players can get their hands on a limited edition “Quantum Break” posters for free.

This is an 18x24 poster, and one that is on offer until supplies last. Technically, the poster is free, and it’s a pretty neat addition for collectors of items from the franchise. It shows off a colourful butterfly in the middle of all that black background. According to the source, this is the image of a monarch butterfly breaking through the background.

Over at the official Microsoft Studios Store website, the item is clearly for free. However, the prices for shipping may vary depending on where the customer is. For some, it may not be worth the shipping price, though others who are able to get it at US$4.36 may have an advantageous position to vie for the free poster. For Australian fans, shipping costs US$23.48 (approx. AU$32) by USPS First-Class Package International Service.