"Numbers" is a short film directed by Czech filmmaker Robert Hloz. Nominated for the Czech Academy Awards in 2012, "Numbers" tells a story about Nick and Mia, two individuals who can see combinations of numbers floating above people's heads.

Set in Korea, the film opens with shots of the city streets at night. Before long, the main protagonist Nick is introduced, an ordinary-looking guy smoking a cigarette while watching people go about their business. It is revealed that Nick has the ability to see numbers over people's heads; however, there is no direct explanation provided for how he has come to possess this sort of power. These numbers could mean anything: for instance, the age of a person, or the number of lies a person has told in their lifetime, down to the number of drinks a person has had for the night.

The story kick-starts when Nick suddenly notices Mia, a girl sitting by her lonesome, also smoking a cigarette and looking at her phone. Nick approaches and wordlessly takes a seat opposite of her, prompting the girl to respond, "Yes, that seat is taken. Thanks for asking." Nick ignores the remark and tells the girl, "You see the numbers too, don't you? You didn't just look me in the eye. You were staring just above my head."
The plot thickens as the two characters start a discussion about how the meaning numbers extend into defined "patterns" over time. Mia informs Nick that "pattern" is what limits the vision. The longer a person possesses and cultivates this ability, the more specific the meaning of the numbers become. The nature of Mia's ability is revealed to be the power to see how many times a person has lied throughout their life. Nick, being a "rookie", has yet to know his specific "pattern"--that is, until near the end of the video, where the story reveals its climax.

Watch "Numbers" here.

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