Valentine's Day 2016
Brides and grooms arrive to get married in hot air balloons during the "Love Cup 2016" festival on Valentine's Day in Jekabpils, Latvia, February 14, 2016. Reuters/Ints Kalnins

Valentine’s Day does not go sweet for everyone, especially if one is cheating on their partner. Betrayed boyfriend Kyle Boggess has taken revenge by setting up a Valentine’s Day surprise for his two-week girlfriend, and then shockingly dumping her and throwing her out of his house.

Boggess made a video of the dump and posted it on YouTube, which has received thousands of views and millions of views of Facebook. However, Boggess’ actions have been criticised by many. Many have defended the woman, pointing out that a girl doesn’t need a child as a boyfriend, and if Boggess was the guy for this woman, she wouldn’t have been looking out.

Others said two weeks is not enough time to judge a girl. Moreover, Boggess’ shooting of the video and making it public did not go down well with many viewers who sympathised with the girl.

However, according to Express, Boggess is adamant that he did the right thing by exposing his allegedly cheating girlfriend as this will be a deterrent for “future cheaters and manipulators.” He said that if he did the same thing, he also deserved this kind of a treatment.

This cringe-worthy moment has shocked and surprised many, exactly what Boggess wanted, although the authenticity of the footage is not yet verified and it is not known if actors were used.

Boggess has claimed that he discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him when he setup an account on a dating site Plenty of Fish and found her profile within 10 minutes of searching. Boggess then started chatting with her from the fake profile and even made plans to meet her, to which she agreed.

Apparently, the girlfriend made excuses to Boggess of working late so that she could meet the guy, who, unknowing to her, was Boggess himself. Furious with her, Boggess planned an epic Valentine’s Day surprise to dump his girlfriend.

The video starts with Boggess leading his girlfriend blindfolded up a few stairs. He then sits her down on the couch, hands her a file and asks her to remove the blindfold.

“That’s you cheating on me! So get the f--- out my house right now! I'm glad you drove an hour for no f------ reason. And this is going on YouTube sweetheart,” Boggess shouts as the girl goes through the file containing screenshots of her agreeing to go on a date.

Watch the cheating girlfriend getting dumped by Boggess here.

Source: YouTube/BlkEclipse