BBC’s most successful re-imagining of Arthur Conan Doyle’s private detective, Sherlock Holmes, and his military doctor friend, Dr John Watson, returns this New Year with “Sherlock: The Abominable Bride.” The Victorian gothic-horror themed one-off special of "Sherlock" will air on Jan. 1, 2016.

BBC One will air it across UK, while PBS will simultaneously air it across the U.S. This is perhaps being done to reduce piracy. Moreover, in the UK and Ireland, over 115 cinema screens will screen the feature-length special.

In the U.S., more than 500 cinemas are set to screen the event-cinema feature. Tickets can be purchased from

In Australia the Victorian special episode will be aired exclusively on Stan, a streaming site. And in New Zealand, the episode will be first released in cinemas on Jan. 2 and air on television later. In New Zealand it will play in over 70 cinema screens.

In India, the special episode will be aired exclusively on AXN TV channel on Jan. 9, according to the channel's Twitter account.

“The Abominable Bride” is also having cinematic releases in many countries – Canada (Jan. 4 and 6), Hong Kong (Jan. 2), Belgium (Jan. 1 and 3), Italy (Jan. 12 and 13), Japan (Feb. 19), South Korea (Jan. 2), Netherlands (Jan. 1), Russia (Jan. 4 and 5), Taiwan (Jan. 8), and in the USA (Jan. 5 and 6). Detailed information regarding theatres and airing dates can be found on Sherlockology.

Cinema-goers will also be treated to a special guided tour of the Victorian era 221B Baker Street by “Sherlock” writer and executive producer Steven Moffat. In addition, the footage will also include a look behind-the-scenes of how the feature was made featuring all the lead cast and crew.

Watching Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays, Sherlock, and Martin Freeman, who plays Watson, in Victorian attires, running across the foggy, cobbled streets of Victorian London, chasing a ghost-bride no less, will surely be a special event for all Sherlock Holmes fans in general. On the first day of a new year, it’s going to be doubly special.