Selena Gomez
Actress and singer Selena Gomez poses for a portrait while promoting her movie ''Spring Breakers'' in Los Angeles, California March 16, 2013. REUTERS/MARIO ANZUONI

Selena Gomez found a new friend in Dubai in the person of a young businessman named Harith Bukhash.

The 22-year-old singer celebrated the New Year 's Eve in Dubai along with model friends Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. They were part of a group of 14 people who toured across Abu Dhabi and UAE. According to reports from Hollywood Life, Gomez met the young businessman Bukhash during one her outings.

Bukhash is the owner of Bukhash Brothers, which is a popular talent agency in Dubai. He was in charge of planning the Dubai trip of Gomez and her friends, which led the young singer and business to form a bond. The two reportedly spent a lot of time together and were even pictured sitting together in one of her Instagram uploads.

The 29-year-old Bukhash is reportedly a fun loving person with special inclination to adventurous sports. An avid fan of Arsenal Football Club, he is also fond of spearfish and loves everything about cars. Bukhash has reportedly treated Gomez quite well and is making her feel very special. "Selena is having the time of her life in Dubai," said an unidentified source. "She's been spending time with Harith Bukhash, who has been spoiling her and treating her like an absolute princess."

After getting separated from her Justin Bieber, Gomez reportedly made sure that she will not spend the holidays around him or alone. She went to Texas to celebrate Christmas with her family and later backpacked to UAE with close friends in tow to ring in the New Year.

Her regular Instagram uploads kept her fans updated about her recent activities. She sparked an unwelcome controversy when she uploaded a picture of herself in Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, flashing her ankle and smiling. The picture drew huge criticism as flashing any body part is considered disrespectful in Muslim culture, according to USA Today. Gomez respected the religious sentiments and promptly deleted the photo from her profile.

This incident has nowhere dampened her holiday spirit as her latest upload showed her playing in the water with her friends. As reported by Daily Mail, Gomez has uploaded a short video of Hadid and herself enjoying a swim in their luxurious hotel in Dubai.

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