Selena Gomez has admitted that she's still "uncomfortable" talking about her lupus diagnosis. She recently took everyone by surprise when she revealed that she was undergoing chemotherapy for lupus.

During her appearance on "Today" show on Monday, Oct. 12, the "Good for You" singer mentioned that she wasn't quite ready to talk about her battle with lupus, People reported. Gomez said, "To be honest, it still kind of makes me a little uncomfortable to talk about."

Last week, the former Disney star revealed in an interview with Billboard magazine that she was diagnosed with Lupus and was undergoing treatment for it. “I was diagnosed with lupus and I’ve been through chemotherapy. That’s what my break was really about. I could’ve had a stroke,” she said.

It was initially rumoured that Gomez’s time off was due to drug or alcohol addiction. The singer has now clarified that she was off radar because of her lupus diagonis. Lupus is an inflammatory disease that causes the body’s own immune system to attack the patient’s tissues and organs. The organs affected by lupus are the kidneys, heart and lungs. The actress told Billboard how badly she wanted to defend herself from the drug and alcoholism rumours.

“I wanted so badly to say, ‘You guys have no idea, I’m in chemotherapy. You’re a-------.’ I locked myself away until I was confident and comfortable again," she said. She also had to face harsh criticisms regarding her weight.

In an interview with Extra TV in September, she even revealed how the negative feedback about her body affected her. "I was getting a lot of hate for my body and 'you're gaining weight,' and so I was in Mexico and I was just feeling all of this stuff and I would be lying to you if I said it didn't kind of hurt my feelings."

Instead of taking to social media and speaking out, she decided to channel her frustrations into her latest album, “Revival,” and she posed nude for the album cover. “The hate motivated me,” Gomez shared.

Gomez also mentioned that having a strong and reliable circle of friends have helped her survive challenges. Taylor Swift’s Swan Squad was definitely there for the singer-actress, CBC News reported.

“Taylor makes me feel empowered, like I can trust new people,” Gomez said. “The way she cares about women is so adamant. It’s pulling me out of my shell.”

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