Selena Gomez' Selenators KCA Fan Army Winner, Excited Fans Flood Twitter (TWEETS)

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Selena was diagnosed with lupus several years ago
Her grandfather Ricardo Gomez told the press that the young pop star was suffering from lupus since several years but is getting along well with the treatments. REUTERS

The recent Kid’s Choice Awards 2014 of Nickelodeon was a big day not only for Selena Gomez herself, but, also for the millions and millions of fans who support her, namely the Selenators. This massive fan base had their favourite singer’s back in almost anything and it finally paid off as they were announced as the Fan Army Winner in the 2014 Kids Choice Awards, according to the Hollywood Life. Though there were several rumours that shook the young Pop star and her supporters, they remained strong and even managed this back-to-back win in the KCA’s. The Fan Army challenge was open between Arianator, Selenator, Directioner, and JT Superfan. The organizers had these four groups compete in seven daily fan trials in order to determine the winner. Selenators were able to conquer the KCA’s as they garnered the most points during the week-long challenge. The test varies and each day the fans are asked to post in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine and Tumbler. Hence, the fans of the 21-year-old “Shake It Up” singer really did their homework and have done a good job to conquer the daily tasks. The first challenge was “Selfie Sunday” wherein supporters were asked to post a selfie in Instagram and Twitter but Directioners won this battle. The second challenge was “Fill In The Blank,” followers were asked to answer “My Fan Army Nominee rules the KCAs because…,” third was a like for the cover photo of the nominee, fourth was the karaoke challenge, fifth was the throwback Thursday task and lastly fans were asked to reblog a GIF of the fan army nominee. Selenators won hands down from the second to the last task. Then, as Nickelodeon announced the winner for the Fan Army challenge, followers of the beautiful former Disney star announced in various social media platforms that they have won over Arianators, Directioners and JT Superfans. It only shows how solid the supporters of Selena is, even though Selena Gomez pregnant issues were on the rise during the voting period. The “Shake It Up” songstress never surrendered in the face of adversities because she knows that her fans look up to her. She even gave words of encouragement to her Selenators to not give up on their dreams in the recent We Day last March 26th.