Television personality Scott Disick
Television personality Scott Disick was spotted spending time with his ex-girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian (not pictured) throughout Thanksgiving week. Here, he arrives at the opening of the Kardashian Khaos store at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada December 15, 2011. Reuters/Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun

When Kourtney Kardashian announced to her sisters that her boyfriend Scott Disick was leaving rehab earlier than they had expected, she was met with glum reactions. Both Kim and Khloe Kardashian said that it's the same old behaviour and they were sceptical about his commitment to making a positive change in his life. Scott proved himself by staying sober during an appearance he made in an Atlantic City nightclub.

In this week's episode of "Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons," Kim Kardashian along with other members of the family were still in The Hamptons after coming to celebrate Khloe's 30th birthday. While there, Scott was away in rehab after a trip to the emergency room with alcohol poisoning and a near overdose. Just when Kourtney was getting used to the idea that Scott was getting help in rehab, she got word from his friend Chris that he had decided to come home early and was already in transit.

Kourtney announced this to her sisters and also told them of her theory that he wanted to get back in time for an Atlantic City appearance. She said that while in rehab he had even been promoting the event and she's afraid that he will be using it as an excuse to go back to his old ways. Both Kim and Khloe didn't take the news well.

"Same old, same old." said Kim. Kourtney then decided to speak to her therapist Leigh so that she could properly confront him upon his arrival. Leigh told her to find a private moment for them to speak to each other. When Kourtney found time to speak to Scott, He told her that even though she felt that he left rehab too early, his short stay there really made an impact. He said that he went through the six day detox program and the last two days were only really meant for observation. He said that if they were only going to stare at him for 24 hours then he would much rather spend it with his family. Kourtney explained her reservations about Scott's decision and said that she doesn't want them to fall back into the same routine where she would forgive and accept him and the same problems would creep up again later on.

To prove his point, Scott went ahead with his Atlantic City appearance accompanied by his friend Chris. He was seen drinking only bottled water throughout the night. That didn't stop him from having fun however and he even challenged partygoers o jump in the pool fully clothed for a free bottle of champagne. He admitted that it was difficult to be surrounded by drinking party goers ad stay completely sober. His friend Chris suggested spraying champagne of the guests for fun but Scott refused and said that it feels odd for a sober person to be spraying champagne.

Upon his return, Scott spoke to Kourtney and told her that he also attended an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to continue on his journey despite leaving rehab. Kourtney liked what he said and agreed that they both needed to keep working together in order to stop making the same mistakes over and over in their relationship. Scott then told her to focus on taking care of their new baby in her tummy and he will continue to work on himself. Kourtney is due to give birth near Christmas.