Samsung Logo in Seoul
The logo of Samsung Electronic is seen at its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

Samsung is reportedly going to delay the launch of the all-important Galaxy S8 handset. The upcoming flagship, which was initially projected to have a February launch at next year’s Mobile World congress (MWC 2017), is now set for an April unveiling in New York according to new reports. The S8 is also said to be considerably more expensive than any of the current S7 series phones.

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Delaying the launch of the Galaxy S8 may pay dividends for Samsung in the long run. The tech giant should take its time perfecting its upcoming flagship to regain the trust of consumers following the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Samsung has more than enough time to not only beef up the Galaxy S8 but also make sure it’s safe for use.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is considered by many as the make-or-break device of the South Korean company. Samsung not only intends to recapture Galaxy Note fans’ hearts, but also impress the Galaxy S series enthusiasts. The Galaxy S8 carries a lot of weight on its bezel as it aims to hit two birds with one stone.

Samsung lost an incredible amount of money due to the Note 7 fiasco, and it’s currently exhausting all its efforts and resources in boosting the Galaxy S8. The upcoming flagship’s enhancement is set to influence its price tag as well, which isn’t really surprising.

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According to SamMobile, the multinational finance company Goldman Sachs estimates that the Galaxy S8 is set to be priced about 15 percent to 20 percent higher than the Galaxy S7 due to raw material expenses. And of course, the consumers are expected to shoulder the increase. Goldman Sachs also expects Samsung to launch the Galaxy S8 with an advanced digital assistant, which is something that has been associated with the new handset in previous reports.