Former Disney star Selena Gomez revealed that she is tired of answering questions about her on-and-off relationship with Justin Bieber.

Appearing in the latest issue of InStyle UK magazine, Gomez discussed her frustrations over her highly-publicised dating life. She was rumoured earlier this month to be back again with Bieber after being spotted together at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, California.

“It's really hard because I'm a nice person. I'm just tired of talking about it. I never intended for my life to become a tabloid story,” she said.

Despite rumours of possible reconciliation with Bieber, the 23-year-old singer reiterated that she’s single.

Recently, the “Same Old Love” singer has been linked to former One Direction member Zayn Malik. “If he had asked me out on a date, I would be seen with him. Just kidding, but not kidding,” she said.

Gomez, however, revealed that she’s still not ready to date anyone. The singer also admitted that she doesn't like the idea of dating someone who Googles information about her before meeting.

“It’s hard. I’m weirded out by the idea that a guy has Googled me before we meet, and that has happened,” she said. The singer continued, “I feel like I look 16 sometimes, which is a bummer, because I would love to date older guys.”

Talking about counseling, Gomez revealed that she always turns to her girl pal Taylor Swift whenever she needs an advice on anything, such as boy problems. “I’ll be like, ‘I think I totally screwed up,’ but Taylor says, ‘Actually, you didn’t’ and shows me how to make my mistakes into something great,” she said.

The singer also said people might have the wrong impression about her friendship with Swift and their girl friends. She has been one of the famous star and model friends of Swift on her squad.

“People have this fantasy that we’re in our underwear, having pillow fights. We just play good music - sometimes live - and eat, and hang out,” the singer said.

Selena has graced the cover of the magazine’s January issue. InStyle UK magazine announced the news via Instagram on Friday, with the caption: “Meet our gorgeous January cover star @selenagomez _ See all the photos over on now #insideInStyle #Selenators.

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