Ryan Sweeting has found a way to get back at his wife Kaley Cuoco after she forgot to thank him when she won an award at the recently concluded Peoples' Choice Awards. It turns out that after Kaley underwent a sinus surgery after Christmas, Ryan recorded an embarrassing but adorably funny video of her as she was snoring while completely knocked out by her meds.

Kaley gushed a lot about her husband after she woke up from the surgery and even called him her angel when she woke up to find him sleeping beside her. Kaley needed to fix a problem on her sinus, which has led to speculations that she actually had a nose job right after Christmas. Kaley has since denied the rumours and has also been out and about showing off her unaltered appearance. However, while she had thought her husband had been innocently and sweetly just cuddling with her as she was recovering; he was actually up to something else.

Kaley explained in an interview with Ellen Degeneres that she was feeling so tired after the surgery and she thought that she wasn't getting any sleep. To prove to her that she as in fact frequently knocked out cold, her husband Ryan had taken videos of her sleeping soundly and snoring very loudly for four nights in a row. She shared the video with Ellen and to the millions of viewers watching the show. Ellen jokingly commented that the two probably wouldn't be starting a family soon after seeing Kaley in the snoring videos. [Video below]

Kaley told Ellen that she had been the worst wife in the past few weeks. After having been drugged and completely dependent on her husband after the surgery, she was also snoring loudly beside Ryan. To top it off, she completely blanked and forgot to thank Ryan during her People's Choice Awards speech. Luckily for her, her ex-boyfriend and fellow cast member for "Big Bang Theory" thanked Ryan for her when the show won an award later in the night. Kaley and Ryan had just celebrated their first wedding anniversary on New Year's Eve just over a week before she forgot to thank him after bagging the Best Actress Award for a Comedy Series.

source: Ellen Tube

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