Ryan Lochte
2016 Rio Olympics - Swimming - Preliminary - Men's 200m Individual Medley - Heats - Olympic Aquatics Stadium - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 10/08/2016. Ryan Lochte (USA) of USA Reuters/Michael Dalder

At the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Ryan Lochte again fell under the international spotlight, but this time was for falsely claiming robbery. Now, the swimmer is trying to win praise again by joining “Dancing With The Stars.”

During the games, the 32-year-old athlete claimed that he was robbed at gunpoint. After some investigation, Brazilian authorities charged Lochte with reporting a falsified crime. It was found that members of the swim team vandalised a gas station bathroom, which completely contradicted the initial statements provided by Lochte and a few other swimmers.

He lost his endorsement deals -- including Ralph Lauren and Speedo -- on the day following the closing ceremonies. In addition, the United States team has suspended Lochte for 10 months, which means he cannot compete at the 2017 World Championships. He was also forced to return the US$100,000 (AU$132,000) that was given to him as a bonus.

Because of the dire consequences already being imposed on the athlete, the International Olympic Committee has not insisted on anything more.

Lochte, on the other hand, already his next few months scheduled as the Olympic gold medalist has joined “Dancing With The Stars.” As E! News notes, this move is probably an attempt to restore his all American image.

If so, Lochte is joining a growing list of “Dancing With The Star” cast members that took questionable decisions before their turn under the ballroom spotlight.

In 2013, former Food Network Star Paula Deen used the N-word and correspondingly lost her show and sponsorships. So after turning down the show several times, she finally agreed to join “Dancing With The Stars” on its 21st season. On the other hand, Kate Gosselin went on the show after her very public split with her husband, Jon Gosselin. The “Kate Plus 8” star danced her way across the stage in an attempt to soften her reputation.

Whether or not Lochte will sashay his way to the trophy -- and back to the hearts of Americans -- is still unknown.

“Dancing With The Stars” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC in the US.